Wednesday, April 18, 2012

high. low. hope for tomorrow.

Highs today were...
Hangin with my sisters and my best big brother Clay-doh (not pictured)

Engagement sesh with these cuties.
Ryan saying, "I might have splurged on something while you were gone on your shoot..."  Well he booked a weekend in Park City for our anniversary, the same hotel we stayed in our wedding night. has a whirlpool tub in the main room.. umm SCORE! And the tub is heart shaped. JK! I wiiisshhh! Gosh.. he really knows how to cheer me up!

Lows. uh oh.
Feeling like this...... oh so
1. not adequate; lacking the quality or quantity require; insufficient for a purpose.
2. (of a person) Unable to deal with a situation or with life: "inadequate to the task"

Why do I do this to myself? I really need to work on this negative self talk.

Hope for tomorrow.

That my shoot goes well!
To snuggle with Ry for at least 30 minutes straight. Um yes.
Positive thinking.


Monday, April 16, 2012

somewhere to put my thoughts.

I'm Sami Jo.
I'm a wedding photographer! I'm married to a blue eyed hottie with freckles. I LOVE my family.  Star Valley, Wyoming is my favorite place in the world.. and my hometown.  I love me a good burger and fries (five guys please), summer, and wide open spaces.  I made this blog so I had somewhere to put my thoughts. Wanna get to know me?

1. One random fact about myself: I LOVE Tom Hanks. Unconditionally. If he knew me, we would totally be BFFs. And he wouldn't hate mormons anymore. I LOVE YOU TOM!
2. Two legitimate fears and explain how they became fears: Heights! I was cliff jumping with friends (into water) and  fell down a 55 foot cliff.  Rock rash. Every where.  My left butt cheek is still one big scar. Birds! I was in charge of the chickens growing up. I was attacked by the big old rooster every time I gathered eggs. 
3. Describe your relationship with your parents: My parents are amazing. I could write about them for hours. They are my best friends. That wasn't always the case...sophomore year of high school was a different story. They were so mean ;) 
4. 2 things you would tell your 16 year old self: Well nothing I would say would have mattered because I wouldn't have listened. And... I don't really regret anything about high school. You learn a lot when you act like an idiot.  
5. What are 6 things that make you the most happy now: Ryan, family, the gospel, photography, Logan, UT and Parks and Recreation.. love me so Andy Dwyer. 
6. What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced: family. it's hard to care and love so much because you hurt so much! but it's a beautiful thing. 
7. What is your dream job: OMG! I'm doing my dream job. Lucky! 
8. What are 5 passions you have: Adoption, people, art, being active, & the great outdoors!
9. Describe 5 pet peeves that you have: 
1. When people complain about Utah weather. It's like every time it snows they have a sob session. Ummm hello, weren't you here last year? And the year before? It's UTAH! It snows here! 
2. Bad drivers. (and oops.. I'm one of them)
3. All the adds, statuses, and pins on how to drop 10 pounds in one day, how to get abs like so and so, how to look perfect. The "I'm a fat cow" comments. Gosh.. I guess they aren't really a pet peeve. They mostly just make me sad.
4.  How all boys take their dirty socks off and leave them in the living room and on the couch. My brothers did it, my husband does it. What is this?!
5. Gossip. I hate gossip. 
10. List 5 strengths. List 5 weaknesses.
Strengths! I care a lot about people. I can pretty much talk to anyone. I make people feel comfortable. I'm a good hugger.  I know how to work hard and I know how to play hard. 
Weakness. I'm messy. Like shove things in the closet so everything else looks clean messy.  I HATE being told what do do. When someone makes me mad I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. If you wrong my family I hold grudges. Clothes. I love buying clothes! 

So there's a little bit about me. I'm excited to have somewhere to put my random thoughts, vent about my bad days, and chat about the good ones. 

whoa dream big.