Wednesday, April 18, 2012

high. low. hope for tomorrow.

Highs today were...
Hangin with my sisters and my best big brother Clay-doh (not pictured)

Engagement sesh with these cuties.
Ryan saying, "I might have splurged on something while you were gone on your shoot..."  Well he booked a weekend in Park City for our anniversary, the same hotel we stayed in our wedding night. has a whirlpool tub in the main room.. umm SCORE! And the tub is heart shaped. JK! I wiiisshhh! Gosh.. he really knows how to cheer me up!

Lows. uh oh.
Feeling like this...... oh so
1. not adequate; lacking the quality or quantity require; insufficient for a purpose.
2. (of a person) Unable to deal with a situation or with life: "inadequate to the task"

Why do I do this to myself? I really need to work on this negative self talk.

Hope for tomorrow.

That my shoot goes well!
To snuggle with Ry for at least 30 minutes straight. Um yes.
Positive thinking.


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